Nature is close to our hearts. And that’s why we should invest in environmental protection.


We turn your vehicle pool into an economical and environmentally friendly mobility solution that covers the mobility needs of your employees while saving costs.
Our cost-efficient, process-oriented and modular CarSharing system CAREXPRESS makes this possible.

Up to 35% of your pool vehicles’ costs can be saved by using our intelligent optimisation algorithm.

If we consider not only the driving itself but also the production, recycling and disposal costs of the vehicles, one thing becomes clear in addition to the great potential for savings during operation with CAREXPRESS: when using CAREXPRESS not only up to 35% of the operating costs are saved but also up to 35% in raw materials and energy aren’t consumed.

The number of vehicles in Corporate CarSharing will be reduced. This means fewer vehicles are on the road. The local traffic situation is improved: saving traffic areas in cities, relieving the parking areas and increasing the quality of stay in the cities.
That’s environmentally friendly and resource efficient.