Corporate CarSharing

In Corporate CarSharing, vehicles are provided by companies for their employees. Some employees do not need their own company car, but must be mobile from time to time.

Pool vehicles are company cars that are not assigned to any employee. You are in a company owned vehicle pool for communal use. A pool vehicle makes sense only if it is used to its optimal capacity.

Management of pool vehicles

A pool vehicle management is complex. This results in considerable process costs, because it is about much more than just the management of the pool vehicles and the driver’s license.

Pooled vehicles should be optimally used in a strategic manner to reduce fleet costs in the long term.

Technically speaking, it is often cheaper to demand performance peaks in pool vehicles in order to cover costs with rental cars and not to compensate for it with company-owned vehicles.

The aim is to ensure a balanced utilisation of the vehicles so that the efficiency of the fleet of pool vehicles is increased.

Pool vehicles can be managed by the respective company or leased full-service by an external company.