With our innovative and modular corporate car sharing system CAREXPRESS for a professional management and optimisation of your vehicle pool, you benefit in many ways:

Costs reduction

With CAREXPRESS you’ll reduce your fleet costs: you can save about 35% of your pool vehicles’ costs. With the intelligent optimisation algorithm we have developed, your vehicles will be used to their optimal capacity.

Time saver

With CAREXPRESS, your employees can book vehicles on the intranet or directly at the vehicle keys transfer depot 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and pick up and return the vehicle keys with a few intuitive steps. And that without the help of a fleet staff. That’s what we call a first-class self-service.

Electronic driving license control

With CAREXPRESS, electronic driving license control can be seamlessly integrated into your system environment. Without additional efforts and without overburdening your employees or your fleet staff.

Electronic logbook

With CAREXPRESS, a complete electronic logbook is automatically maintained for each of your vehicles. All the trips’ data is recorded correctly. For car billing purposes, this data can be easily kept for 10 years.

Processes simplification

CAREXPRESS simplifies and standardises your fleet processes. Your administrative burden is minimised. This will reduce your costs in the long term and it will make your fleet more mobile, flexible and even more efficient.

Car key over-Gaber terminals

With CAREXPRESS you get the car key transfer terminals immediately included. We are manufacturer independent and offer you only hardware “Made in Germany”.

Billing data transfer

CAREXPRESS puts an end to billing clutter. It could not be simpler: all billing data is automatically transferred via ERP connection.