CAREXPRESS - The solution

CAREXPRESS is our standardised complete solution and consists of:

  • Software  – modular
  • Car key transfer terminals – All well-known German manufacturers. 

Reduce costs

Thanks to our intelligent optimisation algorithm, your vehicles will be utilised to their full capacity. Your fleet is reduced to the number of vehicles actually needed.

Up to 35% of your pool vehicles can be saved with the use of CAREXPRESS. Your costs will be reduced in the medium to long term.

Your fleet processes are simplified and standardised. Your administrative burden is minimised. This will reduce your costs in the long term. This will make your fleet more mobile, flexible and efficient.

Fleet size

For CAREXPRESS, no fleet is too big or too small, because CAREXPRESS is scalable. We supply a suitable and individual CAREXPRESS for fleets from ten up to several thousand pool vehicles.

CAREXPRESS is already recommended for a minimum of ten pool vehicles. 

Currently over 20,000 vehicles are managed by CAREXPRESS. Our innovative and field-tested CAREXPRESS systems are now also in use in the USA, South Africa and China.