Vehicle key handover terminals

The storage of vehicle keys in a pool vehicle management is a particular challenge for any fleet manager. This is especially about the protection against abuse and loss. A fleet manager needs to know who’s driving what and when.

Car keys and papers must always be securely kept locked up and protected against unauthorized access. The vehicle owner is liable if he has made the unauthorized use of the vehicle by his own decision. Fleet managers who have been entrusted with the responsibility of the company by employment contract, instruction or factual activity are personally liable.

Fully automatic vehicle key handover

The space-saving vehicle key transfer terminals have fully automatic drawers, which are electronically opened and closed by electric motors. The automatic opening and closing of the drawers prevents human error and thus increases the safety of the vehicles keys. In any terminal drawer, you’ll find enough space for vehicles keys and documents.

Complete solution made in Germany

The vehicle key transfer terminals offered by us are manufactured in Germany, standardised with a modular structure. Perfectly coordinated and can be extended at any time. Together with our CAREXPRESS system, the terminals greatly simplify pool vehicle management and minimise the administrative burden.

All procedures, such as booking, reservation, vehicle pick-up, return, usage and condition (e.g.: mileage, consumption, defects, service intervals) are documented and logged.

Eligible employees can enjoy the ease-of-use convenience of CAREXPRESS 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and fully automated vehicle key dispensing and return. All available pool vehicles can be conveniently reserved and booked around the clock. We offer an integrated complete solution for fully automatic vehicle key handover.