As our customer, you are always at the center of attention at CreamTeam, even long after your project has been fulfilled.

We offer you our multilingual first, second and third-level support from a single source: from the smallest to the largest request from key users.

For complex inquiries, our customers receive direct support from our experienced and competent development teams.

Our multilingual hotline team will be happy to help and advise you.


First-level support

With our user support, also called the help desk, we offer a first point of contact for the solution of everyday problems. E.g.: a general question about using our software. One of our competent employees is responsible for the complete recording including all necessary and additional information and processes them according to his/her knowledge as far as possible independently. Our goal is the selection of problems and the fast resolution of the largest possible number of queries, which can be made possible by the use of knowledge databases. First-level support is helped in this by the second-level support.

Second-level support

The second-level support helps the first-level support. Here we take over more complex inquiries concerning the administrative configuration of the software. These are regularly occurring topics that sometimes require application knowledge. Newly developed solutions are incorporated into knowledge databases in order to make the knowledge available for the first-level support. If the complexity of a request exceeds the expertise or the technical possibilities of the second-level support, then it will be forwarded to the third-level support. Even tickets whose solution requires intervention in the program logic or database data are forwarded to the third-level support.

Third-level support

Our third-level support consists of software architects and technicians who are deeply involved in coding and development at the most complex level. We guarantee the technical operation of the software and support. Like for example, the technical release management at relocating and migrating databases and application servers.

In addition, we support you competently with:

  • Operating system changes, like migrations from Windows Server to the latest available version.
  • Upgrade of the used JAVA environment.
  • Database conversions, like from Oracle 11 to Oracle 19c.
  • Migration of Microsoft SQL Server to the newest available version.
  • Server change.
  • Virtualization of servers.
  • Exchange of hardware.
  • Interface changes.
  • Transition from 32 to 64 bit hardware, among others.